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A Symphony of Precision, Passion, and Appreciation in Every Stride



Welcome to Gratitude Dressage, a dressage based business founded and led by rider and trainer, Katie Bogaert. At Gratitude Dressage, our journey is intricately woven with immense appreciation for the horses, invaluable opportunities, and the dedicated individuals who have played a pivotal role in our pursuit of mastering the art of dressage. Katie Bogaert, an FEI dressage rider and a distinguished Bronze and Silver USDF medalist, serves as the driving force behind Gratitude Dressage. With a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to the harmonious partnership between rider and horse, Katie has cultivated an environment at Gratitude Dressage that reflects her gratitude for every step of the journey. Join us as we celebrate the profound connection between rider and horse, fueled by a deep sense of gratitude that shapes the essence of Gratitude Dressage.

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